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These photos display my results from using the topic modeling analysis and other network analysis. It shows how often certain words I focused on occurred and their connections to the people that wrote them. Through these results and the search words…


Pauline updates Christine on the town and her life. She tells about the new stuff the TVA is doing.

Sam puts in a good word for Mrs. Ottis HIll cook. He also discusses supporting/not supporting him and other people running for office. He briefly discusses wanting to stay connected to the bands of the F.E.R.A.

Pauline updates Christine on things at church and back home in general. She tries to focus on the positive of the W.P.A.

He is discussing work matters with this other person including discussion of F.E.R.A and the W.P.A.

Pauline catches the girls up on the goings on in the town. She also expresses her disapproval of the drunk behavior of Truman.

Sam talks briefly about work news and other miscellaneous topics. He exposes the governor for making decisions selfishly.

Sam continues to update Pauline on work discussions and meetings. There are new policies being passed. He wants to work on W.P.A. connections and wants to model it after F.E.R.A.

Sam discusses a meeting about the Sales tax decision and states they will be making the final decision the next day.
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